A native of Santa Cruz, California, Eva Salina Primack has been studying, performing, and teaching Balkan music since she was a young child. She has traveled and performed internationally, worked with many well-known Balkan and American musicians, including Slavic Soul Party!, Which Way East, Kadife, Veveritse, Seido Salifoski's Romski Boji, Édessa, Tzvetanka Varimezova, Italian Balkan Jazz Project Opa Cupa and KITKA. Eva received a B.A. in Ethnomusicology from UCLA. In addition to her work as a performer, Eva teaches singing in New York City and internationally at camps, workshops and festivals. aurelia Aurelia Shrenker has been singing music from various world traditions from the time she was thirteen years old. While growing up in the Northeastern United States she traveled extensively, both on her own sojourns and with Vermont-based touring ensemble Northern Harmony. Aurelia has focused on Georgian music over the last decade and visited the country on numerous occasions as a musician, volunteer, and tour-guide. Aurelia received her B.A. from NYU's Gallatin School with a concentration in Pedagogy, Literacy and Orality. She performs both as a soloist and with Æ.