The Day
This song is more about the interplay of two melodies than about the relation of the text. The Day is a traditional American text used in the Sacred Harp tradition, written by John Leland, a Baptist minister living in Massachusetts in the 18th-19th century.  The words were set to melody in early shapenote books like the Baptist Harmony. Today the song is in twenty or so hymnbooks.
The day is past and gone
the evening shade appears.
O may we all remember well
The night of death draws near.

We lay our garments down
beside our beds to rest.
'Tis Death shall come disrobe us all
of what we here possess.

Glava li ta boli is a very old song from Southern Bulgaria in which a son
explains to a mother that he is sick from lost love.

Glava li ta boli, sino moj
Glava li ta boli?
Ili polovina, sino moj
Ili polovina.

Nima glava boli,
mamo ma Nima glava boli.
Mojno porvo ljube, mamo ma
ji shte da sa ženi.